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Heirloom Pens

There are times, places and events in all our lives that we want to remember. Why not create a unique pen that will remind the recipient of this special time or place.

How to create a treasured heirloom

Some of our most beautiful pens were made from the wood of an old barn that was located in the northeast. A family was tearing down the barn and wanted to preserve the memories by making unique pens for each family member. The family sent us a plank from their old barn.

Most of the wood had deterioated but we were able to find and cut some good areas of the barn plank of wood to make the pen blanks. Areas of the wood had bits of amber - which is fossilized tree resin. These pens were incredibly beautiful, truely one-of-a-kind and the family was thrilled to have preserved a memory and create a family heirloom.

Send us an email ~ mike@mckinneypens.com ~ describing the piece of wood you have. We’ll get back to you with the arrangements on how to send us your wood.


Here's an example.